Volunteer Opportunities

We have up to 200 volunteer roles to fill

We will provide training. All we require is energy, enthusiasm and commitment - with a reasonable level of competence

Living within easy travelling distance of St Just is preferred, but not essential

The main categories are:

  • Actors - whether as principal leads, supporting cast or extras. We have roles for angels and devils, disciples, fishermen, soldiers, costumed animals and many many more
  • Musicians - for all instruments, of all shapes, sizes and sounds
  • Singers - of all ages and ranges
  • Set makers - shapers, cutters, assemblers, weavers, joiners, lifters, painters, polishers
  • Costume makers - sewers, cutters, stitchers, pressers
  • Meeters and Greeters, trail guides, caterers, car parking atttendants

Our commitment to you is that:

  • you are assigned someone as your main Point of contact, to encourage good and clear communication between everyone taking part in the Ordinalia 2021 project
  • you are introduced to other members of the Team and relevant procedures are explained to you
  • you are consulted, and provided with fair, honest, timely and constructive feedback, in the course of your work 
  • you are not subject to any bullying and harassment
  • you can work safely
  • you are not overloaded or overworked, and have adequate opportunities for rest, meals and refreshments.
  • you are trained to carry out your duties competently
  • you are provided with meaningful opportunities to develop existing, and learn new, skills
  • you have access to appropriate sources of advice and support if you are experiencing stress
  • you are provided with discounts on tickets to Ordinalia 2021 if you complete the work assigned to you
  • your personal information is obtained and stored lawfully

All we ask in return is that you are expected, and agree, to:

  • come to all rehearsals prepared and on time
  • always be respectful of the production team and my fellow company members
  • ask the director or musical director if I need help
  • not miss more than 2 rehearsals, except through illness or necessary isolation
  • learn my part and perform to the best of my abilities
  • pitch in when help is needed to assist and promote the Ordinalia 2021 project
  • be photographed and filmed as part of the documentary process for the Ordinalia productions
  • have fun