Festival Fortnight

Festival Fortnight

Mynstrels, gwreugh dhen-ny pyba, May hyllyn warbarth donsya, Del yu an vaner ha'n gys!

'Minstrels do ye pipe for us, that we may dance together, as is the manner and fashion'

The two week festival, celebrating Cornish culture and heritage, will be held in St Just during from Friday 3rd September to Saturday 18th September 2021.

Festival and Performance Tickets will be on sale from January 2021 - watch this space

Performances will be :
  • of all three plays in the Ordinalia trilogy - 6 plays each week, two performances of each play
  • evening performances Monday-Saturday, with extra schools’ matinees for each of the 3 plays. 
  • mainly in English with parts specifically in the Cornish language
  • in an open air setting -  their correct historical context
  • accompanied on Sundays by a Cornish market involving stall holders with Cornish language skills
  • supported during the day by a series of workshops open to the public on Cornish language, Ordinalia history and culture, drama and music
  • digitally streamed across Cornwall through Carn to Cove community halls
  • streamed in curated content documentary and extracts from performances to the Cornish diaspora through Trans Celtic Society links across 3 continents
  • streamed as a curated film to Universities at Falmouth, Exeter, Bristol, Oxford and other Russell Group universities 
  • at heavily discounted rates for schools’ matinees, and for carers

Audiences can expect:
  • a high quality spectacle featuring creative and innovative lighting and sound and, where possible,  3d projection   
  • a spectacular outdoor setting - autumn sunsets close to the ocean, and the dark skies of West Cornwall
  • a different script, different design and theme to our earlier productions - reflecting modern, secular themes within the original medieval Christian narrative
  • immersive audience participation; innovative use of light and sound techniques; digital video streaming; the open air, festival setting; the interactive use of Cornish language; the involvement of the voices of nationally recognised actors
  • micro films on social media / Instagram that will introduce actors, the back stage team, rehearsal process, special effects etc. during the the 6 week rehearsal period