The Ordinalia Trilogy

The Ordinalia Trilogy

The three Ordinalia plays are performed in their biblical and textual sequences, with two performances of each over a six day period which are repeated the following week. Additional matinee performances take place in the second week.

The first play is traditionally given its Latin name, Origo Mundi, meaning the Creation of the World.

The second play, Passio Christi, is given its English name, as is the third, Resurrexio Domini.

First Week Saturday 4th - 11th September

Origo Mundi                                                     Saturday and Sunday 

The Passion                                                     Tuesday and Wednesday  

The Resurrection                                            Friday and Saturday 

Second Week Monday 13th - 18th September

Origo Mundi                                                    Monday (with matinee) and Tuesday

The Passion                                                    Wednesday and Thursday (with matinee)

The Resurrection                                           Friday (with matinee) and  Saturday