A festival celebrating Cornish culure and heritage

A festival celebrating Cornish culure and heritage

Have a go at learning some Kernewek and find out about our celtic Cornish language. This workshop is for complete beginners and by the end of the session you will be able to introduce yourself and mingle at a party in Cornish. 

Penzance guizers dancer Helen Musser and musicians will lead you through a lively and enjoyable hour-long session on the basics of some Cornish dances.

Come and join Tir ha Tavas (Delia & Dave Brotherton) and Matt Blewett for a lively session singing some well-known and much-loved Cornish songs – in Cornish! no previous experience required. 

Cornish Wrestling (omdowl y’gan taves) is Cornwall’s national sport and was  an intrinsic part of the festivals where miracle plays were performed.  The Plen-an-Gwari spaces, where the plays were often performed, have been frequent locations for wrestling tournaments over the centuries. 

Come to an evening of Cornish music, stories and culture held at the  St Just Miner’s Chapel in the heart of the town