The Ordinalia Trilogy

We shall be performing 6 plays each week, two evening performances of each play

A Spectacular Outdoor Setting

In the historic Plen an Gwari amphitheatre, under autumn sunsets and the dark skies of West Cornwall

Modern, secular themes

reflected within the original medieval Christian narrative

A festival celebrating Cornish culure and heritage

Choose any three of - Cornish language workshops; Cornish dancing lessons; Cornish sea songs sessions; watching Cornish wrestling exhibitions; listening to the history of St Just's Plen an Gwari; and wandering along town trails and heritage walks. And come and enjoy an evening of Cornish music, stories and culture.

Cornish language - Kernewek

Our choirs will sing in Kernewek. The plays will be mainly in English, with some interesting Kernewek features

Mynstrels, gwreugh dhen-ny pyba, may hyllyn warbarth donsya,

'Minstrels do ye pipe for us, that we may dance together'